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Amman, the capital of Jordan, combination of modernity and history; combines the contrast of the ancient spirit of Philadelphia, with the modernized culture of the 21st centaury in an exciting City of history, tradition and hospitality which makes it a city for every one.

In the center of the city; you will enjoy the existence of 5 star hotels, restaurants, art galleries and modern life style in addition to traditional old places like the Roman Amphitheatre and the Umayyad Citadel ( AL Qala’h).

In the first century BC Philadelphia became under the Roman control and joined the Decapolis-; a league of ten cities. In the following centuries, 324 AD, Christianity became the religion of the empire and Philadelphia became the seat of bishopric. This was the start of the Byzantine era. It got its present name Amman in the Ghasanaian era, and flourished under the Ummayads and the Abbasids. Then it was destroyed by the many earthquakes and disasters until 1887 which marks the settlement of the Circassians.

Modern Amman started in year 1921 when Prince Abdullah chose it as his seat of government starting the Kingdome. Until 1948, Amman remained confined to the two main valley beds. Since then, the population has grown steadily as a result of the influx of Palestinian refuges. Residential areas have spread out from the centre of the city to the surrounding hills. The population is estimated at about 1.2 million people.

In the last two decades, Amman has undergone an exceptionally rapid rate of development and witnessed feverish building activities. Its Amman has two major airports, Queen Alia airport and Amman Civil Airport.

Amman is blessed of having different climates; you can visit Amman between October and March, to enjoy its wet, cold weather and occasional snowfalls or rest of the year to enjoy its warm summer months. You will be lucky to visit us in spring to enjoy the green grass and wild flowers especially in Iraq El-Amir. You will be blessed if you had the chance to see Jordan's national flower; black iris.

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