Biblical Jordan

Biblical Jordan

A visit to Jordan transforms the pages of the bible into a living breathing world where you can walk, touch and live the places that witnessed the very beginning of Christianity . The land had subsequently witnessed the missions of the prophets from the historic journey of Moses and the Israelites to the meteoric rise of the Christian faith heralded in the New Testament by John the Baptist and the life and teachings of the Lord.

It is the land of miracles, where, as the Bible records, God appeared to the prophets in the form of whirlwinds, a cloud of light, an angel or a voice that commanded them to do His will.

In Jordan, you can feel the Lord’s Spirit as you are approaching the holy water of Jordan River, touch it or even get reborn in the same holy water that baptized the Lord. You can stand in the same spot where Moses stood pointing the holy land and enjoy the same views of the Dead Sea, Jordan River Valley, Jericho and the hills of Jerusalem.

You can also explore the Byzantine mosaic map of Saint George Church in Madaba, head south through the world’s oldest continuously used communication route “The Kings’ Highway” passing by the Crusaders’ castle of Kerak to reach the Red Rose city of “Petra”, one of the world’s new seven wonders, built by the Nabataean civilization .

Whether it is religion that inspires you, tradition or pure history, touring Jordan will give you a lifetime of memories and may change your whole perspective of the Middle East. This part of the website will explore the religious sites of The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ , Madaba & Mount Nebo.

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