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Dead Sea
Dead Sea
Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Known by a place to rejuvenate body and soul, known as the lowest point on the face of the earth, known by its excellent hotels with spa and fitness facilities, known by its mineral-rich waters; definitely it is the unique and only place, the Dead Sea.

The world’s most amazing place, visitors from the entire world try not to miss the luxury they have when visiting the Dead Sea which is over 400 metres (1,312 ft.) below sea level. It is called too the Salt Sea because of its salty water. it is rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine and several others.

Once the waters reach the Dead Sea they are land-locked and have nowhere to go, so they evaporate, leaving behind a dense, rich, cocktail of salts and minerals that supply industry, agriculture and medicine with some of its finest products.

To reach this unique spot, you shall take the Airport Highway and enjoy a short 30 minutes drive surrounded by a landscape and arid hills, mountains hiding wonderful treasures that accumulated throughout thousands of years.

The Dead Sea is flanked by mountains to the east and the rolling hills of Jerusalem to the west, giving it an almost other-worldly beauty. Although sparsely populated and serenely quiet now, the area is believed to have been home to five Biblical cities: Sodom, Gomorrah, Adman, Zebouin and Zoar.

Sunny Skies are all the year around with temperatures between 20- 23 C (68-74 F) in winter and 32-39 C (90-102 F) in summer. To fulfill your Dead Sea Experience remember to cover your self with the famous Dead Sea Black Mud which is rich in vital minerals for a healthy skin and enjoy the healthy sun tanning due to the very low ultraviolet radiation , and an atmosphere characterized by a high oxygen content because of the high barometric pressure.

It is called the Dead Sea because its high mineral content allows nothing to live in its waters. Yet, it is a living place with all its elements. Thanks to its unique elements of nature, life and quality of life at the Living Dead Sea are unlike any other place in the world.

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