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1001 Arabian Night Dinner

We will give you the chance to live the medieval history as it happened. The Thousand and One Nights theme is now available for your guests to experience as it is written in the ancient stories. 1001' is no more lines in the books, movies shown on T.V and pleasant mysterious. It is living histories were your guests are part of it. Your guests’ journey will start by having their bus ride with one of our professional guides who will be telling them about the medieval history stories and the past of the golden Arabian ages of the middle centuries and suddenly through our time machine; we will take them to live the history. They will be the “Sultan’s” guests. The ruler “The Sultan” will salute them in his castle. What ever the guide was telling them has come to life again. Special lightings are all around; your guests will walk through candles lit path to reach the entrance of the castle, music from the past is played, pre dinner cocktail reception followed by a 1001' dinner served by 5 star caterers accompanied with Pure Arabian entertainment of belly dancers . Words are speechless towards what yours guests will experience.

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