Biblical Jordan

Madaba & Mount Nebo

Madaba’s real masterpiece is in the Orthodox Church of Saint George, which was built over a 6th century AD mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy land.

Underneath many houses lies a fine Byzantine mosaic. Many of these mosaics have been excavated and are on display in the town's museum, but it is estimated that many more lie hidden waiting to be discovered.

Madaba museum has many mosaics that were originally on the site. Also, mosaics from other locations have been housed in the museum to ensure their preservation. A collection of Byzantine churches as well as ancient Roman remnants and mosaics, make up this spectacular museum. It will be our pleasure to join you in a trip to the finest art your eye will witness.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo, just ten minutes west of Madaba by car, was the final station in Moses’ historic flight from Egypt to the holy land. You can stand at the same spot where Moses stood pointing the holy land and take the same views of the Dead sea, Jordan River valley, Jericho and the hills of Jerusalem.

On the highest point of the mountain, Syagha, the remains of a church and monastery were discovered in 1933. The church was first constructed in the second half of the 4th century to commemorate the place of Moses' death. Inside it you can view the preserved Mosaic floors of early Christianity; it is an active church where you can attend services in one of the great sittings of biblical history.

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